Friday, December 17, 2010

heart break

once there was a boy and girl who were in love. when they hugged for the first time, they never wanted to let go. so they decided not to. they loved each moment of the embrace, smiling, laughing, and dreaming of their forever together...but then the boy became tired, he did not want to hug anymore. he saw his friends playing games and kissing girls. and then he saw a new girl and wanted to kiss her..
so what???? and, and so he let go of the hug and followed the other girl, leaving his first love alone and cold. the girl began to cry, and so she created rain and in a jealous outrage, she created lightening and thunder. to this day, the curse of her storm lives on in every broken heart.. = '(

everything is changing now : people are forgetting who they are, everyone wants to fit in and when they finally get the chance to, they leave the people they care about for the people that don't care about them.


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